Early Life Edit

Military Service Edit

In 2004, Alien Cop served with the United States Marine Corps as a Commander during Al-Harid's Insurrection in Afghanistanyzstan. During a briefing, his unit was ambushed by Al-Harid and her insurgents, with Alien Cop (then Alien Commander) being the sole survivor.

New Sindhattan Police Department Edit

In 2010, Alien Cop served with the New Sindhattan Police Department (NSPD) as a detective. He was known for being a "loose cannon" who was rough with people. He was the target of the hitman known as Big James, and, after being targeted by him, took matters into his own hands. The investigation into his own hit was bloody and reckless, and nearly cost him his job, but he did gain a companion in the form of DeathBot-9000.

In 2011, Al-Harid's insurgents, who were presumed dead, attacked New Sindhattan. Alien Cop, feeling responsible for the deaths of his comrades, confronted and killed Al-Harid, and ended the attacks. During this time, however, he assaulted fellow officer Lizard Copp, and was sentenced, but used connections in the military to avoid punishement.

Life in Exile Edit

After the events of Alien Cop 2011, Alien Cop lived by himself in a small cabin in the woods.

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