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Alien Cop 2010 is a 2017 Canadian crime drama film directed by, written by, and starring ms1v. Set in an the American city of New Sindhattan, the film tells the story of a police officer named Alien Cop who investigates an assassination attempt made on his life.

Alien Cop 2010 was met by critical acclaim, and was praised for its use of humour. It is regarded as one of ms1v's best works.

A sequel, Alien Cop 2011, was released in November 11, 2017.

Plot Edit

In an New Sindhattan in 2010, police officer Alien Cop is being chastised by his commanding officer. He goes to the roof of the police department to have a smoke break, but is shot by criminal and hitman Big James. Thinking Alien Cop is dead, Big James leaves his firing position across the street. The wound was only a grazing one, however, and Alien Cop recovers.

Wondering how someone was able to shoot at him, Alien Cop thinks to himself. He considers that fellow police officer Lizard Copp did the shooting, but decides against it. Alien Cop drives to The Skeleton Bar to meet an informant, Barry the Bar Skeleton. Barry, however, has no intention of talking, and pulls a shotgun on Alien Cop. Alien Cop fires first, and Barry is dead.

While having a drink at the bar, Alien Cop is approached by DeathBot-9000, and the two start conversing. Alien Cop is seduced by DeathBot-9000, and the two share the night in a local hotel room. DeathBot-9000 thinks that her one night stand was a mistake, and decides to destroy all evidence of the event by burning down the hotel room by leaving a gas trail and igniting it. Alien Cop wakes up in the flaming hotel room, but DeathBot-9000, realizing she is pregnant with Alien Cop's child, saves him from the fire. After DeathBot-9000 tells Alien Cop she[source?] is pregnant, he breaks down into tears.
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Big James was spying on the couples conversation, and jumps off a fire escape to finish the job. He fires his Micro UZI at Alien Cop, but hits a nearby box truck, which explodes. Thinking the explosion must have killed Alien Cop, Big James runs away. Alien Cop recovers once again, and gives chase. After a short pursuit, Alien Cop shoots Big James in the back, and caresses DeathBot-9000.

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Production Edit

Alien Cop 2010 was produced entirely within the computer program The Movies. The scenes were thrown together without much thought, and most dialogue was improvisational with 1 take per line. It took approximately 20 hours to make.

Release Edit

After release, Alien Cop 2010 was met with near-universal acclaim.

Sequels Edit

Alien Cop 2011, released on November 11, 2017

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