Big James is the primary antagonist of Alien Cop 2010.

Early Life Edit

Big James was born in Runfingway-on-sea.

Career Edit

At some point, Big James began working as a hitman in New Sindhattan.

Hit on Alien Cop Edit

In 2010, Big James was hired to assassinate Alien Cop.

His first attempt occurred when Alien Cop was smoking on the roof of the New Sindhattan Police Department, but Alien Cop survived the attack.

Big James' next hit on Alien Cop occurred in an unnamed alleyway. Starting in a surprise attack on Alien Cop from a nearby window, the altercation eventually turned into a high-stakes chase through the streets of New Sindhattan.

Death Edit

After being chased through the streets of New Sindhattan, Big James was shot in the back by Alien Cop. He was killed instantly.

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